Yui Design

Creating the Stage Where Chefs Perform


James Beard award-winner Jimi Yui speaks the language of chefs, affording him the unique ability and vision to create the stage where they perform.

Since 1986, marquee chefs and hospitality leaders from across the globe have tapped YuiDesign, Inc., for commercial foodservice design for some of the most widely anticipated culinary and hospitality projects. 

YuiDesign marries the aesthetic with the practical based on Jimi Yui's philosophy that both the front- and back-of-the-house designs play integral and complementary roles in the success of a hospitality operation...and propelled by his admiration for the artistry and passion of chefs.

The firm regularly collaborates with architectural and design luminaries from around the world. 

Prized for executing projects on time and on budget, YuiDesign is highly regarded for innovative and efficient custom kitchen designs, first-hand experience in operations, and its understanding of the challenges of survival in the competitive world of foodservice. 


As featured in Food Arts Jan/Feb 2013

A Kitchen's Meat and Bones  

"Morimoto in NYC is among the many locations for which Jimi Yui has crafted the kitchen stage for the chef's commanding performance."


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